Family Member Selling a Class C

Oh now this is a turn of events… I called my Aunty and told her of my idea for pulling up stakes in Jun’13.  She was very supportive and gave me some great information as she has dealt with full-timers in her business.  They would come with their trailers/RVs and work on the project, then pull out when the project was done.  They did this project to project.  So she’s been around those that have chosen that kind of “living” arrangement.

While we were laughing at some of the current events in our lives, and some of her stories – I asked her if she was still interested in keeping her Coachmen RV.  She mentioned she’d truly like to move up to a Class A as the C is just too small for her granddaughters and what she’s found she more often uses it for.  I got a bit excited, and asked her if she would consider selling her RV to me.  Well, this started a wonderful conversation!  She was interested and was getting a bit excited herself as getting rid of it meant she could move up in size like she wants.

The RV is at my cousin’s (her son’s) house about a mile from me, so I’m going to go over and take a look at it.  She said it’s a 26′ which is a bit shorter than I had initially planned for.  However, it’s me and my dog – so what the heck.  I’ll see if it would work!  It’s a 2004 Coachmen Concord.  Ofcourse, knowing Aunty it’s got all of the bells and whistles she said – fully loaded, with 2 ovens (which, she told me was not what she had meant to do).

I will see if my dear cousin will take it out for me to look at.  I’m getting some fun butterflies in my stomach!

The photo on here is from the web.  It’s a photo of the exterior of the RV.

We will see where this leads…

Love and Light, Zy