Ok this is really pretty funny.  I’m learning a whole new vocabulary.  Along with a new world of RVing, there is alot of new words I had no idea what the words meant!

The one I couldn’t figure out, and I’m still not sure of, is “Snowbird”.  Someone said “Oh, you’re thinking of being a “snowbird”!”  Well I just looked that up, and I think it means that you are from a cold area and move to a warm area.  I’m not that as I live in California and it’s warm.  Maybe I have the wrong definition.  I’ll have to ask!

Rig:  Well, that one is obvious right?  I think?  The trailer or motorhome you are using.  Right?

Toad:  If you tow a car, that’s your toad!  Mine will be my 2006 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon.  Easy to tow, and gets through everything!  Issue with a “toad” ofcourse is you are maintaining two vehicles!  We shall see!

Boondocking:  Camping in a remote area?  I thought it was dry camping, so with an RV no hookups?  I think?  Gotta ask on this one too!

I need to find a site that has a breakdown!

Love and Light,